Some Children, Like Lalita, Are Spending Their School Holidays Working To Help Their Families

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9:19 pm 4 Jun, 2016


When we think of summer vacation we think of goofing around, family trips and outings with friends. However, there are many children who don’t have such a great time during summer vacation. They are burdened with responsibilities at early ages and have to lend a hand in keeping their family going.

Lalita is a 15-year-old who sells tea outside RMLA Hospital, Delhi. She recently finished her Class X Board Exams so she spends her entire day selling tea.



Daughter of a rickshaw puller, Lalita said, “I used to sell tea after school. Now since my school vacations are going on, I can sell tea all day to help my father to run household.”


Though these children see a harsher side of life, they don’t let it stop them from dreaming big. It is also good to know that despite financial difficulties, even poor parents are choosing to educate their children.



Happy to help her family and eager to succeed in life, we hope Lalita fulfils her dreams.


Origin: SUNO



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