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This Touching Facebook Post Shows What It Is Like To Be A Working Mother In India

Published on 21 August, 2016 at 5:27 pm By

She hurriedly wakes up before the first rays of sun to touch the earth. She cooks the breakfast while her family is still asleep. Her agile mind plans the whole day as morning doorbells make her busy. The responsibilities on her tired shoulders take a toll when she helps her children get ready for school and shouts at her husband to pack their lunch boxes. As time runs the fastest in the morning, she swiftly put the things in order in the bedrooms and at last, gets a minus time to get herself ready for the office.

This, my friend, is the morning life of every working mother.


Swati Chitalkar, a working mother, posted a photo on her facebook profile which shows a feverish son lying on the floor of her office, while she worked to complete an urgent work. She is doing justice to both of her job profiles; banker and a mother.

Her post says:

“It’s not a baby on the floor, it’s my heart on the floor. He was feverish and not ready to stay with anybody. As half the day was over I could not take leave in between and an urgent loan release was there, but I could manage to handle both my duties. Just want to convey the message to ministers who sleep in assembly.”

This photo has become viral and is earning respect from everyone with more than 25,000 shares.

Swati is the perfect symbol of a modern woman because she allowed her husband, who is seven years younger to her, to follow his dream of becoming a cricketer. She motivated him to resign from his job at a multinational company and join a cricket academy in Pune.

In an interview with India today, she sends a awakening message to all the sleeping politicians:

“I thought that I am also working with my baby by my side. So it’s happening all over the world. Then it struck me, why not post this picture and tell the nation and politicians what the public expects from them. These ministers promise us that they will take care of us just as our parents, so they should perform their duties the same way parents take care of their kids,”

She also said that her heart cries not just for her baby but for thousand kids that are begging on streets and sleeping on the footpath. She believes if the ministers perform their duties just like a working mother, our image of a corrupt nation will change.


Well said, Swati.

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