Each And Every Worker Of This Factory Is A Multi-Millionaire

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Updated on 13 Jul, 2017 at 1:59 pm


Can you believe that even factory workers can be millionaires? And not one, two or even ten, but most of them! Literally!

Yes. There is a factory which has each and every employee, including laborers, peons and watchmen who are multi-millionaires.

The factory is situated in Sanand of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Reportedly, out of the 300 staff members of Raviraj Foils Limited, over 150 have a bank balance above Rs.1 crore.

Actually, these people were paid crores of rupees as compensation for their land. This very money made all of these people worth millions.


Despite their bountiful cash assets, these people are working as peons, mechanics, security guards, supervisors, etc. earning a monthly salary of 10-20 thousand rupees. Regardless of the huge bank balances these people, their jobs are their only source of bread and butter.



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