30 Wonderful Memories Of Childhood In India Of 70s and 80s

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Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 12:33 pm


You didn’t have the Internet back then. There weren’t any gadgets, video games, appliances and so many other things that have now become everyday necessities for kids and adults alike. It is perhaps because of these reasons that your childhood was way different than other kids who grew up in the 90s or the 21st century. It was wonderful, and full of excitement.

Did you grow up in the 70s or 80s? Let’s step back in time.

1. The sheer delight of discovering this in a bush.

2. We knew how to fix this.

how to fix this


Just put it in boiling water for some time and there you go… magic!

3. Many of us kept flowers and feathers in our books.

4. Everyone had smallpox vaccination scars in upper arm.

smallpox vaccination scars in upper arm

5. The good old insecticide sprayer we had in our homes.

insecticide sprayer

6. There were no electronic toys around; the best live one we found were these.

best live one we found were these

7. And we were innovative with what we had.

innovative with what we had

8. Snake bites at 99 were terrible of all!

Snake bites

9. The best ice cream of those days – tutti fruiti.

tutti fruiti

10. We were curious about these gentlemen riding the trolley on railway tracks with red flag.

trolley on railway tracks with red flag

11. Vikram Betaal was eagerly awaited on DD.

12. And the Television – we had to operate it with the knob.


13. We had to reset the antenna several times a day to get a better signal.

reset the antenna

At times, we’d just hooked connection to neighbor’s antenna!

14. Buniyaad – the 1st successful soap opera that gripped the nation.

15. Ye Jo Hai Zindagi – one of the best comedy serials of our times; neat, clean and actually genuine comedy.

16. The man we miss so much.

man we miss so much

Kishore kumar and Mohammad Rafi too were very popular.

17. In our school times we had shoes of only this brand.

18. We grew up reading Champak.

19. The first love of so many young boys who grew up in 70s.

Perhaps the only Bollywood actress to have a hairstyle named after her!!

20. The legendary Jagjit Singh; many lived up their teen age listening to his ghazals.

legendary Jagjit Singh

Some were more into Boney M and others

21. The only cars we could spot on the roads were Ambassadors and Fiats.

Maruti entered the scene later.

22. This currency was all we got for pocket money.

currency was all we got for pocket money

23. Ajit jokes were very popular.

Ajit jokes were very popular

Saara shahar mujhe LOIN k naam se janata hai!

24. The most used soap in those days.

Tandrusti ki raksha krta hai LIFEBUOY

Tandrusti ki raksha krta hai LIFEBUOY, LIFEBUOY hai jahan, tandrusti hai wahan…LIFEBUOYyy

25. Do you remember this iconic cover from the mid 80s?

26. Back then, Dacoits still dominated the Chambal Valley and frequently made newspaper headlines.

27. It was in 70s that Amitabh Bachhan debut in Saat Hindustani.

Saat Hindustani

It was the beginning of the era of the rebel angry young man.

28. When the Maharaja and his airline was having a good time.

Maharaja and his airline

29. Most kids back then used magnets for playing different types of game.

then used magnets for playing different types of games

30. And these were very popular too.

these were very popular too

“We didn’t realize we were making MEMORIES. We just knew we were having FUN.”

The ideas for this post came from discussions on a Facebook group That 70s and 80s Childhood (In India).


Do you have any childhood memories from the 70s or 80s you’d like to share? Drop your comments below.

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