17 Terrific Reasons Why Women Should Give Up Makeup Once And For All

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Updated on 30 May, 2015 at 1:48 pm


Nothing compares to the beauty of a woman without makeup. She looks most raw and vulnerable; the way God had intended her to be.

Make no mistake! Women look pretty with makeup, but they look spectacular without it. People will always have arguments in support of various beauty regimes, but we offer you solid 17 reasons to convince you to go without it.

Women look gorgeous without makeup and here’s why:

1. A woman who walks out without makeup, screams confidence.


She doesn’t need makeup to attract attention from the opposite sex.


2. A woman will go bare only with somebody who’s very special and close.

Take a clue from it, she’s comfortable with you.


3. Women who don’t spend hours in front of the mirror can be more trustworthy.

That’s because in a man’s world spending time on appearance is associated with narcissism.


4. The sight of a woman sleeping in bed sans makeup is a delightful one.

Women look most pretty in the morning without makeup.


5. A blemish free and glowing skin indicate that the woman is healthy and has great life choices.

Makeup or no makeup this woman will glow at all times.


6. A woman who fusses over makeup is not an ideal candidate for backpacking in the mountains.

A bare face is a sign for you that she is an outdoor gal.


7. It is always easy for men to approach a makeup free woman.

A low maintenance girl will always get more suitors.


8. Walk into a room without makeup and gain respect for yourself and not your face.

How many women can walk into a room and not worry about how they look?


9. One of the prettiest sights in this world is of a woman who has just stepped out of the shower, raw and natural.


10. Heavy makeup is often associated with a need to attract attention.

Men will always be men and prefer an innocent dame when it comes to commitment.


11. No makeup is always sexy and primal.

It evokes the most primitive feelings in a man.


12. Let’s face it, some of us have no idea of how to put it in the first place.


13. No matter what anybody says it DOES NOT enhance a woman’s natural beauty.


14. To know how to do makeup is not a prerequisite for getting married.


15. No! There is no makeup that makes you look like that you are not wearing any.


16. Women who do make up for men are pathetic.


17. Try living without your mascara for a day, it’s liberating.




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