Vibrating Underwear For Women Is Now A Reality And It Will Make You Love Football Like Never Before

12:24 pm 19 Jun, 2018

This news piece is for those who are looking to steam up their sex life with a sporty touch to it. There is a new kind of underwear for women in the market that is grabbing attention for its weird nature. The USP of this lingerie is that it is not normal as you expect it to be.

Here comes the most interesting part of the new knickers for women – it vibrates. Yeah! You read that right. The vibrating underwear is created by a Mexican lingerie company known as Vicky Form. Now another interesting part is that every time a goal is scored during the current FIFA World Cup 2018, the underwear would start vibrating on its own.



The product was launched recently before the beginning of the world cup. The brand runs an advert that every year almost four million couples get divorced because of football. The advertisement further goes on and depicts a couple arguing and the man in question simply ignores his partner as soon as he begins watching the game. The woman in the advertisement then tries on the Vicky Form vibrating underwear.

What happens next will simply blow your mind. She then starts taking interest in football and even gets excited about the penalty. The advert is being termed as grossly sexist and Twitter users are slamming the company.


Video Screenshot


Twitter believes that there is a huge number of women in the world who enjoy the game and they do not need any genital stimulation for that.


Video Screenshot


The vibrating Siente el Juego underwear are not currently available on the Vicky Form’s website. It looks like the makers have learnt their lesson already! Here is the video of the advertisement!