These Are The Brave Women Who Fought For The Striking Down Of Triple Talaq

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7:00 pm 22 Aug, 2017


The Supreme Court created history today after it declared triple talaq unconstitutional, illegal and sinful.

But do you know who these women are who fought for this landmark judgment day in and day out? Here are the details of these five brave women:

1. Shayra Bano

A resident of Kashipur, Uttar Pradesh, Bano was divorced after 15 years of marriage. While she was recovering from an illness at her parent’s home in northern UP, she received a letter from her husband stating that he has given her a divorce. The letter read, “I give you talaq, three times”. Not only that, her husband remarried in 2016 and stopped Bano from seeing her children. She further added that her husband would abuse her and won’t allow her to leave the house.



2. Aafreen Rehman

The 26-year-old from Jaipur married her husband after finding him on a matrimonial portal. Prior to marriage, she had an MBA degree and a lucrative career but quit her job to make her marriage work. Within a year, her husband asked her to leave the house and live with her widowed mother. A few months later, her mother died in a car crash and she got seriously injured.

While recovering from her injuries, she received a letter in which her husband had scribbled “Talaq, talaq, talaq“.  She approached an NGO which decided to take her case further into the court.



3. Gulshan Parveen

Married in 2013, Parveen was subjected to domestic violence over dowry for two years. Her husband was from a “respectable family” but was less qualified than her. Raees, Parveen’s brother, revealed,

She was sent home for six months when she became pregnant and then after the baby was delivered again for eight months – and when she returned, her husband wouldn’t give her proper food and would beat her up too.

She approached the police when one night her husband beat her up with rods. At this instance, her husband submitted a letter to the police saying that he gave her “Instant triple talaq”. Parveen approached the Supreme Court to restore her conjugal rights.



4. Ishrat Jahan

Jahan was given a divorce over a phone call from her husband who was based in Dubai. After 15 years of marriage, her husband called her up and said “talaq” three times. Jahan also revealed that her husband insulted and harassed her for having three daughters and forced her to have a relationship with his brother. After the divorce, her husband also kidnapped their children and took them to his second wife’s house. She approached the apex court with the help of an NGO.


5. Atiya Sabri

Sabri came to know that she has been divorced when her husband sent a letter to her brother’s office with the word “talaq” written on it three times. She also revealed that her husband would harass her and is now in jail awaiting bail. Sabri said that in her two and a half years of marriage, her husband would punish her for bearing him two daughters and that her in-laws even tried to poison her.


We cannot but give a standing salute to these brave and persistent women who brought in a wave of happiness to hundreds of Muslim women in the nation.