Punjabi Women Buy The Most Number Of Sex Toys In India

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 6:53 pm

We, millennials, are celebrating sex like never before. Our enticing fantasies are seeking for pleasure, and in the era of BDSM and sex toys, we are not limiting our desires, instead, we are cherishing them.

It may not surprise you but India is the sixth most sexually-active country in the world. Also, this is the same India where Mr. Sankari aka Pahlaj Nihalani is approving films using a condom because he believes in “safe” films.

In last few years, the sex toy industry has seen a moderate growth. According to ThatsPersonal, a sexual wellness products destination, which analyzed data from over 80,000 orders, says that 62% of their customers are male and 38% are women.



Female sex toys including massagers, vibrators, dildo etc have become a significant part of many women’s desire. The survey says that the highest number of sex products were sold to Punjab women last year.

Also, during Navaratri season, the sale of sex products in Gujarat including condoms goes up. Products like adult games, edible lingeries, edible body paints and pleasure rings are sold at a very rapid rate.



Bhopal is quite an experimental city when it comes to buying flavored condoms. 28% of the sales from Bhopal come from women buyers.

Surprisingly, the most number of BDSM products are bought by people in Assam. And people in UP  purchased the most number of penis enlargement products.


Here is the clear picture:


Achhe din ka to pata nahi, lekin achhi raatein aa gayi.