Women From Russia Showed Their Love For Football In This Unique Way

5:51 pm 1 Jul, 2018


The spirit of FIFA World Cup 2018 is all around the world, with Russia becoming the host of the tournament for the very first time. People from all around the world have gathered in Russia to cheer their favorite teams for winning the trophy. However, the exit of the two of the most prominent teams in the tournament has sent a shock-wave among the football fans.

That’s right! Lionel Messi’s Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal have been eliminated from the tournament after facing loss from France and Uruguay respectively. But what’s done is done. The essence of football is alive among the football fans and the Russian women have rightfully proved it.



In an interesting turn of events, women were seen playing a friendly soccer match in the World Cup host city of Kazan in Russia on June 30. Since many people still think that Football is just a men’s sport, these women are changing the norms. But this is not the only best part!

According to reports, those women were wearing elaborate bridal outfits on the ground while playing football. With the intention to show their love for the sport, these Russian women chose the most unique way to play the game. While wearing floor-length white wedding gowns and running shoes, the women were playing in teams of five for 15-minute halves on the gravel. There was a good amount of audience to witness the epic match as well.

Check out some of the pictures from the match in Russia:


Russia Football women


That’s how you do it!



It’s a goal!


Move over high heels!


Gulnaz Sharipova, a player who has never played football before said:

“We had a nice appearance, but wasn’t very comfortable.”

Another one said, “It’s not only a man’s game. The most important thing is friendship and solidarity.”

Surprisingly, the winning trophy was a replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy and was made out of flowers. That’s the way to do it, right?!



Well, here’s hoping that this trend becomes as viral as possible and everyone joins in their spirit of Football. Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 11 cities this year and there is more excitement coming for us in the tournament.