When Are Women Most Likely To Have An Orgasm? The Answer Will Amaze You!

4:33 pm 27 Mar, 2018

A recent report contends that women aged between  18 and 65 have orgasms as high as 55 times per month. The study has been conducted at the University of Arkansas and published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour. It has been revealed that women are 32 percent more likely to have an orgasm with another woman when compared to having an orgasm with a man.


However, straight women had seven orgasms over 30 days which is fewer than lesbians within the study. The research was conducted by Dr. Kristen Jozkowski.

It has also been mentioned in the study that women in relationships with men had sex more often than women in relationships with other women.


It was found that straight women in the survey had almost 16 sex sessions a month and lesbian pairs had sex around 10 times a month.

Dr. Jozkowski clarified further saying, “Sex that includes more varied sexual behavior results in women experiencing more orgasms.” He further explained that if one is not attracted to a woman, the chances of having orgasms are less. Also, the percentage of women on whom the research was conducted was less, considering the fact that women comprise more than half the world’s population.


In a much larger study conducted this year, the results have been different. This new study found that heterosexual men usually-always orgasmed during sex (almost 95 percent of them) followed by gay men at 89 percent. Further 88 percent of bisexual men said they usually-always achieved orgasm, and 86 percent of lesbian women.


Also, only 66 percent of bisexual women and 65 percent of heterosexual women reported that they usually-always did the same, much less than men, and lesbians.

“Compared to women who orgasmed less frequently, women who orgasmed more frequently were more likely to: receive more oral sex, have longer duration of last sex, be more satisfied with their relationship, ask for what they want in bed, praise their partner for something they did in bed, call/email to tease about doing something sexual, wear sexy lingerie, try new sexual positions, anal stimulation, act out fantasies, incorporate sexy talk, and express love during sex,” the authors explained in the study.