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20 Reasons It Would Have Sucked To Be A Woman In Historical India

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 2:24 pm By

It is quite a relief to know that I was not a woman born during the Mughal and Mauryan eras. We have it so much better!

1. Aging is barred


Many problems and no solution! I bet women then didn’t have the advanced anti-wrinkle creams that women of today feel privileged to have.

2. No online shopping

Can you imagine not being able to shop hands down and that too just a click away?

3. Call to gossip

No mobiles, no instant gossip! Be thankful for the ease of being able to call for things such as “What’s cooking?”

4. Where are my brands?

Not owning the collections of famous designers is such a shame.

5. Can’t click a selfie?

Selfie addicted women must feel lucky that they are born in the ‘Click Me’ generation

6. Login to connect

Life without Facebook and Watsapp now is like living without water and air.

7. Love spa therapy


Barring the royals, the less well-off women must be left longing to get a massage.

8. Entertain me!

There are many forma of entertainment now, unlike the court entertainment of those times, which was meant for the royals.

9. Some window-shopping

The lack of shopping destinations left the inhabitants of a rajya with limited options.

10. Salons make me pretty

Services such as threading, manicure, facial, pedicure etc., were only for the wealthy.

11. No pain, no hair gain

With Laser Treatment in the market, hair removal is a painless journey for woman of today. But that wasn’t the case in the earlier days.

12. Weave my hair

Going bald? No longer an issue now, but what about the historical times?

13. Where are my girls?

No girls night out? Seems unbelievable for women who can’t manage without their social circle.

14. Variety of dresses

Women now have the independence to put on a mix of western and Indian attire. The earlier days didn’t quite give them that option.

15. Range of cosmetics

I bet they would have loved the wide range of of cosmetic brands back then.

16. Small is tall

With wedges, stilettos, etc women have varied footwear options; I wonder how they managed back then.

17. Contacts me

Not only as far as eyesight is concerned, but even for a color change every now and then.

18. Diapers for babies

For mothers, diapers are the best invention. What discomfort it is for both babies and mothers without this soaking machine.

19. Women in many roles

Women now are reporters, politicians, astronauts, scientists and what not. What were the options then?

20. Why should rajas have all the fun?

While you can bite dust on your scooter or car, women then were more dependent on animal-led rides or human-led palkis.



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