Women In Iran Are Dancing On Streets To Protest Against Hijab And Other Restrictive Laws. Watch The Viral Video

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12:34 pm 2 Jul, 2018


Recently, we learned that Indian chess champion Soumya Swaminathan refused to participate in an international chess championship being held in Iran because of the country’s restrictive hijab law. Iran’s restrictive laws for women have attracted disapproval from across the world.  And the mandatory hijab law that requires all women in Iran to wear hijab (a headcover) in public places is also one of these laws. Any woman breaking the law can even be arrested for doing so. These laws have prevailed in Iran for decades now but in the present time, Iranian women are not happy with these restrictive laws.

Iranian women are all eager for a change in these laws. And their longing was quite visible in their emotions when they were allowed to watch soccer in the same stadium as men on June 19. It was after 38 years that women in Iran watched a sports event in the same stadium as men.


Iranian women watch a football match live in the stadium for the first time in 38 years. Source


And now, Iranian women, who are forbidden from taking off their hijab in public places and dancing on streets have taken up to do exactly these things in their protest against the restrictive laws for them in their home country.



In a completely new way of protesting against the hijab and other restrictive laws of Iran, women have taken up to dancing on streets and removing their hijab in public places. A video of several Iranian women doing these things has gone viral on the internet. In the viral video, women can be seen dancing at busy traffic intersections, around traffic lights, on the corner of streets, in the markets, on footpaths and almost every possible public place. You can watch the viral video in the tweet below:



Women in Iran have been protesting against hijab for quite a long time now. This includes the large-scale movement carried out by women of Iran’s capital city Tehran. It is interesting to note that Iran was an open-minded nation before the Islamic revolution of 1979.



With the above video, it looks like the Iranian women are determined to get their well-deserved freedom back and will acquire it at any cost. While these women are risking their freedom with such acts, as they can even be jailed for breaking the law, this does not seem to be a demotivating factor for them.

The video has gone insanely viral on the internet and below is what netizens think about it:

















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