Women In Gorakhpur Bathe Local MLA Jaipratap Singh To Please Lord Indra For Rain

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10:48 pm 29 Aug, 2016

Losing patience due to lack of rain for last one month, women of Gorakhpur have now found a new way to please the rain god Indra.

Besides performing regular Puja, the women have now also started giving local legislature a bath so as to please the lord.

On August 28, while women of Bansi, Gorakhpur gave MLA Jaipratap Singh a bath to please lord Indra while small kids played ‘Kaal Kaloti’ .



MLA Jaipratap Singh UttarPradesh.org

Locals of Bansi say that in earlier times women used to please lord Indra by bathing their king or person who was in-charge.

Singh thus gave into their belief and allowed the local women to bathe him.


In other districts of Uttar Pradesh situation is equally bad. While many of districts have not received a drop of rain since July, others are suffering from floods as Nepal and other nearby states have released extra water.


With many districts facing drought due to severe heat, paddy fields have dried up leading farmers to doldrums. This is third year in a row that they have not received any rain.


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