11 Types Of Bedroom Behavior That Women Exhibit

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4:30 pm 25 Apr, 2018

You accept your lady love the way she is in bed, because she is your someone special. But a lot of men divide them in different categories. These are the eleven types of women that you will find in bed, and will help you to figure out which type of girl will work for you!

Though we all know exceptions are always there…


1. The one who lies like a dead body and needs a wakening alarm every minute.



2. The vampire who bites you, scratches you and ends up leaving your back bleeding.

You better buy some ointment before the heated session!



3. The one who want you to be rough; the one who is into BDSM!



4. The woman of your dreams; the seductress.

The one who won’t let you do it all yourself!



5. The romance lover, the Bollywood diva.

The one who want everything filmy!



6. The one who don’t let your private session remain private.

She is too loud in bed, ends up letting everyone know what’s going on inside.



7. The one who likes to talk dirty in bed.

Foreplay is all she wants.



8. The one who acts prudish but is secretly hot for you.



9. The one who freaks out too much.

She is afraid of even kissing!



10. The OCD victim!

Obsessed with you and your everything. Really hard to handle.



11. The one who just needs your shoulder to get over her past.

You are just an escape for her. She may compare you two too!



Credit: sociopool



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