Here’s How A Woman Feels When She Gets Intimate For The First Time

3:08 pm 20 Nov, 2018


When a woman gets intimate with a guy for the first time, she thinks a lot. Have you ever wondered what do they exactly think about? What are the first thoughts that come to her mind? Often, girls are very thoughtful about every smallest thing related to their love life, but you will be surprised to know which exact thoughts come first in their mind after the first intimate moment with their partner.

Often whenever a girl gets intimate with her partner for the first time, she compares it to a few things. You know she starts comparing it with the things she has heard or any romantic movie scene. The expectations are with the dreamy Mr. Darcy! Let’s know what happens to her mind.




What would he think?

Right after the special intimate moment, some women start worrying about what their partners would think? You can relate with it easily, you know the first sex is very special and the women start worrying about their relationship and if the guy thinks the same or not?.



Hand holding

After being intimate for the first time she thinks of holding his hands for a long time. The feeling is so special for her that she wants her companion to always keep holding her hand like this.



Worrying about the future

Most of the time the girl starts thinking about the future of the relationship and also of the possibilities. Whether it will go ahead to marriage or not?



She feels lucky

Though she wonders a lot about the future, she feels very lucky at the same time.



She starts evaluating the care

The girl after the first intimate experience starts evaluating the care on her partner’s part. She will be observing her partner’s gestures.




So, how was your first experience?