5 Reasons Why Women Might Have Secret Lovers Despite Being Blissfully Married

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8:30 am 28 Jul, 2018


In a typical Indian society, cheating on your partner has always been considered as a much bigger deal for a woman than for a man. A woman has been seen, as well as, expected to be much more devoted and honest in the institution of marriage compared to a man. It is almost unimaginable for our so-called sanskari society to even imagine why women have extramarital affairs.

Though times have changed and women have progressed financially and socially, they are still expected not to be seeking pleasure outside marriage for any reason whatsoever.



But at the end of the day a woman too is a human being and can get inclined towards extramarital affairs for various reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons why women have extramarital affairs:

1. An excessively workaholic husband



When husbands tend to be busy in their work all day long and travel frequently, they are not able to give ample time to their family. This evokes the feeling of loneliness in a woman. Furthermore making her feel neglected. In such a situation, there are high chances of her seeking attention and care outside the institution of marriage.


2. Unable to forget her past



When a woman is in a relationship before her marriage, she may continue to have feelings for her ex despite being someone’s wife. In such a scenario, it is possible for her to have an extramarital affair with her ex-lover.



3. Overly monotonous life



Women in India are loaded with heaps of responsibilities. Taking care of the house, living up to the expectations of her in-laws, be available for her children always and not to forget her responsibilities towards her husband. All of this can get her tired and bored. If some stranger walks into her life at such a point of time, a friendship with him may be followed by an extramarital affair.


4. A mismatch in sexual desires



While the Indian society has always believed that it is men who have sexual desires but the fact is something else. Women too have sexual desires. Being in a marriage, men might tend to take this aspect of the relationship quite casually but the woman could still be active and lusty. If her desires are not fulfilled by her husband, she tends to wander outside the relationship for sexual satisfaction.


5. Married for the wrong reasons



There is a large section of Indian women who are married off under the pressure of family or society. But at times, the woman may realize her mistake only after it is committed. She might feel that she made a wrong choice in life, with respect to her partner, the time of marriage, new family or anything else. At such point in time, if she meets someone who could have been a better match for her, it is possible for her to land in a romantic relationship outside marriage.