A Look At 7 Fierce And Independent Women Who Helped Shaping The Constitution Of India

10:00 am 29 Apr, 2018


Adopted by the elected Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, The Constitution of India came into effect on January 26, 1950. The total membership of this assembly was 389 who debated to draft the Constitution that acts as a building base for India. Do you know how many among them were female? 15! Yes, only fifteen were female members among 389. Here we are remembering some of the mighty ladies who helped draft our constitution.

1. Ammu Swaminathan




Popularly known as Ammu, she was intricately associated with Indian Independence Movement. She actively participated in the non-violent protest led by Gandhi. After independence, she took up a position as the member of Constituent Assembly of India. Her concern was about the length of the constitution. She argued that it should be small so that people should be able to carry it with them and not burdened with words.

2. Annie Mascarene



She was one among those women who shunned their comfortable life to fight for India’s freedom. Later she served as a member of Constituent Assembly and also joined Travancore State Congress to become the first female MP from Kerala.

3. Begum Aizaz Rasul



Being the only Muslim woman in the Constituent Assembly, she certainly opened the path and evoked inspiration for the future generations. She actively participated in debates against separate Muslim reservations. She was one among those leaders who gave up and advocated for dropping the demand for reserved seats for religious minorities. She also raised her voice ferociously for women empowerment.

4. Dakshayani Velyudhan



As harsh as it sounds, being a woman and belonging to Dalit community is still a hard path. However, she crossed those hurdles to hold her head high and become the first Dalit woman to be a member of Constituent Assembly. She contributed a lot to the matters concerning the education of the country, especially for the scheduled castes.

5. Hansa Mehta



This Mahatma Gandhi follower was a social activist and an educator. This fierce lady fought for the causes of education for all. She also wanted to unleash the potential for Indian women, thus advocated and worked for the upliftment of women and bridging the gaps between genders. Besides being a member of Constituent Assembly, she played her role as a member of the Executive Board at UNESCO.

6. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur



A princess who gave up everything to fulfill her dream of seeing a free India. She worked actively to stop child marriage and abolish the purdah system. She also advocated and included women’s right to vote. After independence, she served as the first female Health Minister of the country and established AIIMS that still serves thousands of people every day.

7. Renuka Ray




She dedicatedly tried to include the right of women to inherit parental property. She was also a member of Central Legislative Assembly as a representative of women.

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