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Women Who Are Breaking The Myth Of ‘It’s A Man’s Job’

Published on 8 March, 2019 at 11:30 am By

‘Woman is not born: she is made.’ How true are these words! A woman is born human but as she opens her eyes in this vast world, a tag of gender specification is given to her. Hence, she is expected to react, act, or talk in a certain way. Not only that, but it is also expected that she will not be a part of such jobs that can be done ‘only by men’. There are, thankfully, Women breaking barriers and teaching the world not to define a female by their gender.


So, we are presenting you with the story of Women breaking barriers to ignite the fire within you and inspire you to follow your passion.


1. Jayalakshmi – Delivery Woman



Delivery is only done by men! Taking the challenge head-on, she became Chennai’s first delivery woman. It was not easy for her to learn the ropes but this determined lady quickly paved her way. A mother of two girls, she often receives surprised comments from people while delivering food. That further determines her to carry out her work with perfection.


2. Selvi – Cab Driver




A victim of child marriage, the story of Selvi is filled with struggle, determination, and courage. She is India’s first woman cab driver who escaped her marriage to start an independent life of her own. Initially, she started driving for women in her community and slowly started handling other vehicles. Presently, she runs a transport business with her husband (she remarried).


3. Poonam Negi – Truck Driver



There are numerous jokes casually thrown around when it’s about women driving a car. This lady is the perfect answer for those who have such notions. Do you know why? She is a truck driver whose route is Shimla Kinnaur Highway in Himachal Pradesh. It is considered as one of the most dangerous highways in India.


4. Geeta Phogat – Wrestler



Thanks to Aamir Khan’s hit movie Dangal, India now knows about Geeta Phogat and her sisters. She along with her sisters did something that no one ever thought was possible. They became national and international winners in wrestling. Hailing from an orthodox society, they literally smashed the myth that ‘it’s a man’s job’.


5. Kalpana Saroj – Entrepreneur


Female and Dalit! Sadly, these are the labels that still exists in our modern society. The harsh truth is that these are such words that emerge as great hurdles in front of someone. It is people like Kalpana Saroj who teaches us that with determination we can work towards smashing the stereotype of people and emerge victoriously. She was a child bride who was born into poverty and subjected to abuse. However, she overcame the impossible to start and helm a business worth million dollars. Though not first, she is one among the pioneers when we talk about female entrepreneurs in India.


6. Harshini Kanhekar – Firefighter



When you imagine a firefighter can you see a woman in the uniform risking her life to put out the blazes? The honest answer from most is no. This is because we are not used to seeing females excelling in a profession that is predominantly for men. Harshini Kanhekar is a lady who changed that all. Not only the first student in National Fire Service College, she became India’s first female firefighter. She proves that a male-dominated profession is a myth and female can make a mark on the field if they are driven by undeterred passion.




Each of these women went through tremendous struggle to achieve what they wanted. Certainly, they are the motivation that we all need to move ahead in life. What are your thoughts about these women breaking barriers? Let us know in the comments.

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