‘WomanSpreading’ Has Taken The Internet By Storm, Celebrities Join The Movement

6:52 pm 1 Dec, 2017


Females have always been told to “behave” throughout their lives. Right from the initial years of their upbringing, they are told to sit properly, behave nicely and talk politely just as a part of the regular societal norms. With changing times, women have become smarter, they are now leaving no stones unturned when it comes to making choices about their career or personal growth.

With the advent of social media, women are becoming more and more aware of the ‘need to change’.

Lately, we saw a hundred thousand women sharing their ordeal of assault and other forms of harassment on social media as #MeToo campaign paved way for women to speak up.


#MeToo became a widely popular trend in social media.img.thedailybeast.com


After that, it seems that there is just no stopping for them. They want to break free, break long existing taboos and crush every stereotype that becomes a hindrance in their way. And now, women are loving another trend on Instagram. This time, they have turned out to be fearless and paying no heed to anyone.

Look at the picture below!


Selena Gomez.billboard.com

This is Selena Gomez, who has just become the Billboard’s ‘Woman of The Year’. More striking fact about this picture is Selena sitting on a couch with her legs spread apart.

Not only, Selena, thousands of women are sharing similar images on Instagram calling this a ‘femspread’ movement.








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#Womanspreading #TBM #Modelling

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Instagram and other social media platforms are discussing the matter. Where on the one hand people are supporting this move, others are slut-shaming women who have shared their pictures.

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