The Reason Behind This Woman Jogging Naked In Snow Will Leave You Utterly Amused

Updated on 19 Mar, 2018 at 2:47 pm

People do all sorts of things when it comes to their beauty regimen and taking care of their youth. They don’t care about external factors if they are really committed, and for some, even the icy weather doesn’t really matter. Just like for one fitness enthusiast, the British sub-zero temperatures have hardly made any difference. This Ukrainian active jogger has not only embraced the freezing temperatures, but has encountered the most insane conditions for her purpose.



Without any layers of warm clothing to protect her petite frame, Inna Vladimirskaya, 32, runs and swims on the banks of the Dnieper river, completely naked! Inna has been stripping off, running in the snow and then plunging into freezing river water, since the past nine years.



This brave swimmer certainly has a workout regime which will shiver your spine. But she takes a dip in one of the coldest rivers in Europe – which regularly plummets to the temperature of -9 °C!


Inna’s bizarre ritual was caught by Czech photographer David Tensinsky when he heard of her ‘crazy’ ritual from locals.



Although this looks really crazy, she has a reason which will leave most of us shocked – she insists that her bizarre regime is the secret to looking young and everyone should definitely give it a go!



The fitness enthusiast feels “Immersion in cold water makes the blood rush to the internal organs, activating their circulation, which helps break down fat and improve muscle tone”.



Inna further explains, ‘The walrus looks much younger than its actual age, because it spends so much time in cold water.’



According to her, she doesn’t stay in the water for too long, and as soon as she dries herself, she goes to her warm waiting car.



Her most recent escapades are the reason behind looking young and superbly healthy!


The undeterred woman insists that “Humans can reap the same benefits if they are prepared to put the hard work in”. But you need guts to be naked in the coldest river of the world!



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