Doctors Are Startled By The Disorder Of This Woman Who Sweats Blood

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8:21 pm 26 Oct, 2017

She has no gashes or skin lesions but sweats blood from her face and palms. Baffling! Isn’t it? So think the doctors who were startled when a 21-year old Italian woman was admitted to a hospital for having episodes of blood sweating from her face and palms for more than three years with each episode lasting from one to five minutes.

The case was reported by Dr. Roberto Maglie and Dr. Marzia Caproni, dermatologists at the University of Florence on Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The identity of the patient has not been revealed as it is customary in case studies.

Her spontaneous bleeding has no obvious trigger and ends on its own. The bleeding has no precise timing as it sometimes starts while the woman is sleeping, and at other times while she is physically active. However, she has told the doctors that she bleeds more intensely when under stress.


A 21-year old Italian woman sweats blood CMAJ

Upon analyzing her skin where she had sweat blood, doctors have not found anything unusual on her skin. Even her blood tests do not suggest any coagulation or other problems. Out of embarrassment, the woman has isolated herself socially and is having symptoms of major depression and panic disorder.

According to a report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Dr. Roberto Maglie and Dr. Marzia Caproni have diagnosed a rare disease hematohidrosis in which the patient suffers from spontaneous discharge of “blood sweat” while her skin remains intact.

The doctors first treated her for her depression and panic symptoms and then a beta blocker drug which has been used in similar cases in the past. Though her bleeding has reduced with medication, it has not ended completely.