Here’s The Story Of The Woman Who Had Sex With More Than 80 Married Men

6:12 pm 3 Mar, 2018


It is no news that people love sex, some more than others. To spice up their sex lives, people indulge in various activities such as role-playing, asphyxiation and even BDSM! While in most parts of the world, monogamy is practised and polygamy is frowned upon, there are many who practice polygamy and are known for it. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and TV star Charlie Sheen are few such examples who are known to have multiple sex partners.


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One such woman is 43 years old Louise Van Der Velde, who broke all the social barriers for her love for sex, and went to have intercourse with more than 80 men! What’s more disturbing is the fact that these men were already married.


Louise Van Der Velde Metro



Louise said that she has been in sexual relationships with more than 80 men, just for enjoying sex and having a variety. Louise is a doctor’s widow. After her husband died at the age of 34, she indulged in sexual relationships with other men because she didn’t want to compromise on sex. According to her, her late husband knew about this and even he did the same. She said,

“We decided to embark on an open relationship in the last few years before he died. I have carried on the same way ever since. His death made me realise you have to seize the day and make the most of every day”



Louise works as a sex therapist and hence, she realizes the importance of sex in life. She has 2 kids, but she ensures that they are not affected by her sexual adventures.

Louise said that she met most of her partners on dating sites. She also revealed that the wives of her lovers know that their husbands are cheating on them, but they choose to ignore it because they’ve gone off sex.



Talking about her love for sex, she said:

“All this ’till death do us part’ nonsense assumes monogamy works for everyone. This is not realistic and not in line with human nature. In order for love and passion to re-enter a marriage, there are other ways. This is why living my sex life to the max and educating people about the future of love is my life’s work”


She also advised others to practice polygamy. She said:

“You sure as heck can tell the ones who need it most – the ones who are unhappy. Life’s too short to stick to sex with only one partner.”




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