Bizarre! Woman Sues Ex-Boyfriend After His Long Dick Overstretched Her Vagina

7:23 pm 13 Nov, 2018


There are many sex-related issues and problems between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. But have you ever heard anyone suing or dragging their partner to court after getting intimate? Well, here’s one such story, in which a woman wants her ex-boyfriend to pay for the cost of her vagina surgery after getting intimate with him. Bizarre, isn’t it?

Silindile Mangena is reportedly suing her ex-boyfriend, Mugove Kurima, 37, after his ‘abnormally long’ penis allegedly overstretched her vagina after getting intimate with him.




It seems the 29-year-old, who is said to be from Harare in Zimbabwe, is planning to undergo reconstructive surgery after getting intimate with him.

And for that, she wants her former partner to pay the cost, which is approximately £8,000. To make this happen, she is reportedly taking him to court.



Silindile Mangena reportedly told that her private parts were ‘tight’ before she met her ex-boyfriend.

She said she fell in love with him even though he was allegedly married at the time. But, it seems she ended the relationship after he allegedly outstretched her vagina. Oops! Ended in a bizarre way, isn’t it?



Meanwhile, and interestingly, it is said that it is currently unclear how large her ex’s penis is. It seems Kurima is also yet to respond to the allegations.


Whatever it may be, or whether it’s true or not, this is nothing sort of a bizarre encounter between the ex-couple.

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