Watch: A Woman Stole Money From Uber Cab In Presence Of Other Passengers And A Driver

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2:56 pm 7 Nov, 2017


Theft is not just a crime but an art, too. You probably would have been a victim of thefts where your belongings disappeared within a fraction of a second and later, you endlessly wondered, how did that even happen? Well, it happened just because the thief was more aware of your things than you were.

We hear hundreds of such cases happening on roads, metros and bus stand each day. Recently, a short video has become viral where a woman, alone, conspired a theft in an Uber cab while other passengers failed to notice her trick.


Just seconds before the cab was about finish the ride, a woman sitting at the center of the backseat extended her hand to the Uber tip jar.


In case you don’t know, Uber tip jar is a box where passengers leave the tip for the driver.

As you can see (above) that only the camera is keeping an eye on her, rest are unmindful of her plan.

Hence, when the cab stopped, she quickly grabbed the money as her right passenger was busy opening the door.


And then,  just like a superchor, she ran away with all the money, leaving the cab driver clueless. 


Here is the entire clip of the incident:




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