This Woman Plotted An Intelligent Sting And Stole Her Bicycle Back From The Thief Who’d Stolen It From Her

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11:00 am 19 Jul, 2017


Jenni Morton-Humphreys, a cyclist living in Bristol, England, had lost her bicycle on a street but then, unlike most other victims of theft, she did not lose hope, plotted an ultimate revenge and pulled it off successfully.

30-year-old Jenni’s bicycle was stolen from Bristol’s city center, despite being locked, while she was out for brunch. The thief put up the cycle for sale on Facebook hours after stealing it while Jenni too had uploaded its picture to appeal for help from friends. Luckily, a fellow cyclist found the “for sale” ad that the thief had put up on one of the pages on social media platform and informed Jenni.

The social media ad uploaded by Jenni Yahoo


The two hatched a plan together and arranged for a meeting with the thief who called himself Bebop, to purchase the stolen bicycle. The meeting was to take place on a street corner on the next morning.

Jenni got her friend along to watch her secretly from a safe distance while she bluffed about taking a test ride. She handed a packet of cigarettes and a bunch of keys to the man who stole her bike and pedaled away as fast as she could, leaving the thief dumbfounded.

Jenni Morton-Humphreys, the cyclist who stole her bicycle back from the thief


Morton-Humphreys had reported the theft to the police but they refused to accompany her and even discouraged her to carry out the sting she had planned. Therefore, in order to get her bicycle back, she had to take the matter into her own hands.

Ultimately, Morton-Humphreys outwitted the thief, got her vehicle back and taught him a lesson for a lifetime!



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