Delhi’s Apathy: Woman Stabbed To Death On Busy Road, No One Comes To Help

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4:02 pm 20 Sep, 2016

A woman in Delhi was brutally attacked and killed by her stalker when on September 20 a man attacked a school teacher in Delhi’s Burari area.

The killer, later identified as Surender Singh, was so brutal in his attack, that he stabbed the victim- Karuna nearly 30 times and didn’t stop even after she had stopped moving.


The horrifying incident was caught on a nearby CCTV camera, that shows that Singh stopped his bike, attacked a young woman and kept stabbing her till she stopped moving.

To make matters worse, the attack was witnessed by at least a dozen people, but they did nothing to help the 21-year-old.

Karuna’s family had complained about Singh to the police few months back and had said that she was being harassed and stalked by him.

Singh, who is 34-year-old, was Karuna’s neighbor and is in the middle of a divorce case.

CCTV visuals show that while the attacker kept on stabbing the woman repeatedly, some people just walk past them, while others watch in horror but do nothing.

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While two people were seen moving towards the woman, they later backed off as the attacker sees them approaching.

After the victim had stopped moving, the attacker picks up a stone and bashed it against her head.

He then kicks her body and walks to his bike, unchallenged and unconcerned about being caught.

It is yet not clear why, despite a complaint, had the police not taken any action against Singh.


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