This Woman Underwent ‘Spider Web Butt Lift’ With 100 Injections To Prevent Sagging And Look Younger!

5:32 pm 20 Nov, 2018


I’m quite sure almost everyone in the world has one wish in their mind – to look younger and dynamic always. Hmmm, who in the world doesn’t want to look or remain young always, isn’t it? Well, here’s a story of a woman who does all possible things she could to maintain youthful skin and to continue to look young. Besides other things, she underwent a procedure called Spider Web Butt Lift to prevent loosening of her butt muscles and keep them intact. Interesting, isn’t it?

Marcela Iglesias, a mother of three and a resident in Los Angeles, does not want her butt to be sagging as she is growing older. So she underwent Spider Web Butt Lift, a procedure that involves injections inserted in a web-like pattern.




But hey, do you know how many injections were placed at the butt of Marcela while going through the Spider Web Butt Lift procedure?

Not one or two but a total of 100 injections in her butt! OMG! Feeling scary by the sound of it let alone going through the process, isn’t it? Yes, that’s what she had to undergo for the process.



It seems Marcela has also undergone a leech therapy. She is also said to be following a healthy lifestyle to make herself look young. She was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying:

“I want to maintain the way I look and keep people guessing how old I am, people can’t believe I have a 17-year-old son. For the past five years I have done a lot of research to maintain youthful skin from leech treatment to taking care of my body, quitting soda and meat.”

Well, you take a look at the video to see Marcela undergoing the Spiderweb Butt Lift procedure.




Needless to mention, Spider Web Butt Lift procedure is based on a spiderweb structure, leaving the skin lifted and tight. The estimated cost of this procedure is $3,000. It is said to be an emerging technique to renew cells and their elasticity. Meanwhile, Marcela Iglesias encourages more and more women to undergo this surgery “for the eternal fountain of youth, a new way of life.”