Woman Claims To Have Slept With Married Men To ‘Save’ Their Marriage! Twitter Brutally Slams Her!

6:26 pm 16 May, 2018


We live in a society where all forms of relationships thrive to exist. There are many ways to preserve and acknowledge loving relationships as subscribed by the norms of society. However, the societal standards will always be in doubt when it comes to ‘extra-marital affairs’ in a marriage because it is practically impossible for society and even a partner in a marriage to accept adultery. To many people, cheating in a marriage is never acceptable.




But to our very surprise, there is a woman hailing from Chelsea in West London who claims to ‘help’ married men with their relationships with their wives by ‘sleeping with them’. Gweneth Lee is a 47-year-old widow who has professed to save troubled marriages by having ‘secret’ sexual affairs with married men.

And not just one night stands, she even ends up having meaningful relationships with certain men who interestingly ‘don’t have a sex life at home’.  Gweneth is a former model who began having affairs with married men after the death of her husband.



Gweneth Lee appeared on the ITV channel show ‘This Morning’ hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on May 15 and accepted that she loves being a ‘mistress’ and her work has saved numerous marriages that were on the verge of divorce.

Take a look:



During the talk show, Lee revealed that she has slept with more than 100 men while making it clear that the relationship is strictly an ‘affair’. According to her:

“It’s taken the pressure off the wives who are not into their husbands anymore after 25-30 years of marriage. The website was set up with the purpose to help married people trying to find a lover or a treat.”


Well, as one can imagine, people were not happy with the confession by the woman who secretly sleeps with married men to ‘save’ their marriages. Social media outrageously slammed Gweneth calling her a ‘homewrecker’.

Check out some of the tweets:










Watch the entire episode here:




Shocking! Isn’t it?!

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