Gurgaon Woman Owns A Rs 3 Crore Flat And SUVs, Still Sells Chole Kulche On The Road

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2:43 pm 4 Aug, 2016

No profession is too big or too small!

This line perfectly fits Urvashi Yadav, due the huge step that she has taken despite her family trying to stop her from taking on her new profession.

You do not expect a lady living in a Rs 3 crore flat and owning SUVs to sell chole kulche from a roadside cart, but this 35-year-old former school teacher made it happen.



This lady became famous when a Facebook page ‘Soul Stirrings by Sunali’ featured her story and it just went viral. Soon after that Urvashi’s sales increased and she started getting calls from women facing similar issues.

What made her leave her teaching profession and take up this job?

This idea came into her mind when her husband met with an accident for a second time and this time a major one. Doctors suggested a hip replacement and the chances of him ever walking are slim. Urvashi feared a dark future that could hamper her children studies.



Wife of an executive with a leading construction company and daughter-in-law of a retired Indian Air Force Wing Commander, she stepped out with a wooden cart and strong determination. She made it last for 45 days when her family thought that it won’t last for even 3 days.

When people ask her why she needs to work in such scorching heat, she says:

“We may not be financially weak today but I cannot risk the future. Instead of waiting for the situation to get bad, I had to plan something. I realised that I will not save enough money by working as a teacher. Since I love cooking, I thought why not invest in it.”



Her 12-year-old daughter Nandini studies in Blue Bells Public School and 7-year-old son Yatish is a student of American Montessori Public School in DLF Phase 2, and she doesn’t want them to leave their schools because of any financial glitch.

Urvashi shared that it’s a huge step and now she is happy about it:

“I earn between Rs.2,500 and Rs.3000 a day. I am happy with my income…It is indeed a big change for a woman, who lives in AC all the time, to sell food on a road. And definitely not easy for my family that owns a Mahindra Scorpio and Hyundai Creta.”



Urvashi, who refused to take any help from her father-in-law, is now happy with what she is doing and is looking forward to opening a food truck or a restaurant.

Located in the Sector 14 market in Gurgaon, Urvashi’s stall is functional from 8 AM to 4 PM and has helped her be financially secure.





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