Woman Refused To Wear Bra To Work. What Happened Next Will Surprise You

6:39 pm 5 Sep, 2018


Wearing or not wearing a bra is a matter of preference for women across the globe. There are some who feel uncomfortable and insecure stepping out without wearing a bra. While many others feel the opposite and believe that a bra isn’t the most comfortable piece of clothing. But whether they do wear it or not, is completely their decision. When people step in to tell women what to wear and what not, it generally borders on the lines of moral policing.

And something similar happened with Christina Schell, a 25-year-old server from Alberta, Canada. The incident even escalated into her getting fired from her job, and then subsequently suing her employers for unjustly firing her. Read the whole story ahead.


wearing a bra 3

Christina Schell. Source


Christina Schell stopped wearing a bra two years back. She did so because she found them to be horrible and was not at all comfortable in them. In May this year, she took the job of a server at the Osoyoos Golf Club in Osoyoos, British Columbia.



Everything was going great until a few weeks ago when Christina got notified that wearing a bra was mandatory. The sudden change in dress code took her by surprise. She further claimed that she also confronted the club manager Doug Robb.


And this is what he reportedly said:

“I know what happens in golf clubs when alcohol’s involved.”




Christina refused to comply with the updated dress code policy. As a result, her employers fired her from the job. The whole incident forced the 25-year-old to sue the Osoyoos Golf Club. She felt discriminated on the basis of her gender, and hence she filed a human rights violation suit.


This is what Christina reportedly said about the situation:

“No male employee is required to wear an undershirt. So this is where it becomes a discriminatory issue for me… I don’t think it’s anybody else’s business what’s under my clothes.”



She further added:

“Why do you get to dictate what’s underneath my clothes? I’d love to know why my boobs offend somebody. They’re not hanging down by my waist. If they were, whose problem is it but mine? These things happen and these things aren’t right.”


Don’t you think it is unfair to dictate what women should wear?