Brave Woman Police Officer Teaches BJP Hooligans A Perfect Lesson

1:58 pm 26 Jun, 2017

A recent incident in western UP’s Bulandshahr describes that our police officers are handling their jobs with utter determination and honesty even when they are forced to give in, in the name of party politics.

When BJP’s district-level worker, Pramod Lodhi, was issued a challan for not having proper documentation for his vehicle, a bunch of party workers started raising slogans against the police. This is when Circle Officer (CO) Shreshtha Thakur stepped in and confronted a mob of angry BJP workers.

Woman officer in a conversation with BJP workers


Even as the workers kept shouting and misbehaving, Thakur didn’t give in. “You please go and get written orders from the Chief Minister that the police have no right to check vehicles… that we can’t do our job,” she told a BJP worker, as per a report published in the Huffington Post.

The BJP workers threatened the police in the name of their party and then accused the police of taking a bribe and acting against the BJP.

Thakur had a quick response to this accusation,

You (BJP workers) are bringing a bad name to your party also… people will soon start saying that you guys are BJP’s goonda.

The incident happened on Friday and is now being criticized for the way BJP goons tried to use the name of their party to prove themselves right. The video has now gone viral and is doing rounds on the internet.

Aggression and hooliganism by politicians isn’t a new thing. Recently, a senior BJP lawmaker from Gorakhpur shouted at a woman police officer, asking her to be in her limits. He said harsh words to him, reducing her to tears. Here is the report.


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