This Woman Filed A Petition In The Supreme Court For A Weird Reason

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8:34 pm 17 Feb, 2017

There is never any dearth of reasons for matrimonial happiness. Extramarital affairs, alcohol and drug addiction, misunderstandings, the list is simply too long to write about.

A woman in Mumbai has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking a ban on pornography websites. She claims that the objectionable scenes are ruining her marital happiness.

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She filed a petition saying that her husband’s addiction to porn is making their family and personal life suffer. She further added that despite being a well-educated person, her husband got addicted and she fears that the impact of pornography could be much worse for the youth.

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A social worker who has been happily married for the last thirty years said that the problem arose in 2015 when her husband became an addict to porn. She further said:

I and my children are suffering as a result of porn addiction of my husband. I am unfortunately a victim of matrimonial dispute resulting out of porn addiction of my husband. I have also during my work as social worker come across people who have been adversely affected because of free and easy availability of porn contents all over the internet. Easy access of violent and hardcore porn websites is causing immense damage to family values in India. People of all ages are becoming perverted and morally bankrupt due to porn addiction. My husband is in his advancing years but still he has gone astray due to porn addiction, imagine what this addiction can do to the innocent minds of youth and children.

Banning of pornographic sites is not the answer. The answer is responsible surfing and viewer discretion.

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