This Ireland Woman Marries Ghost Of 300-Year-Old Pirate After Being Fed Up With Finding The Perfect Man

10:10 pm 17 Jan, 2018


An Ireland woman who is said to be tired of ‘physical world’ men has found love in the ghost of an 18th century Haitian pirate and is now legally married to him.

Amanda Teague, a Drogheda native and mother of five, married her ‘soulmate’, Jack, who just so happens to be the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate. The ceremony took place in a boat off the Irish coast, in international waters, where the marriage would be legal.


Marrying ghost

Newly-wed Amanda used a pirate flag to represent her husband at their wedding.

The 45-year-old managed to find a Shaman priest and legal registrar who agreed to marry the couple – despite their unusual relationship, and journey into international waters where she could legally marry the smitten spirit.

It is reportedly said that only 12 people were allowed on the boat, so Amanda and Jack invited their closest friends and family to join them at sea. At the wedding, Amanda used a spiritual medium to allow him to communicate her during the ceremony. She also held a flag bearing a skull and crossbone as a symbol for her husband. However, as Jack cannot wear his ring, it has been fitted to a candle which was used in the wedding ceremony to represent him.


Amanda Teague wedding


Amanda searched for her soulmate in the afterlife after failing to connect with any real-life men. It is said that her love affair with Jack, who was a thief on the high seas in the 1700s until he was caught and executed, began one night in 2014 when she was lying in bed and felt his energy appear beside her.

After two years of courtship, things got properly serious between them and they got married.


Amanda Teague


Amanda, of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, works as a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator and believes the pirate connection is what brought them together.

She says she initially wasn’t that interested in making contact with the spirit, until she realized she could speak to him through mediumship. It is said that the spirit used to sit with her when she watched TV or while she was driving her car, and the pair started to get to know each other.


Marrying ghost


Amanda had a previous marriage to a “physical being” for six years, and had five children with her ex husband. But says she has never been able to relate to anyone alive the way she connects to Jack.

Even though she has never seen her husband in physical form, she imagines he is very similar to the character of Captain Jack, played by Johnny Depp, 54, in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. “He is black, so he is not the same colour as Johnny Depp, but he is dark skinned and has very dark jet-black hair, so he tells me,” Amanda says.



Marrying ghost


Many people who have heard about the wedding reacted to it and their reaction to the story has been a resounding ‘same’.





Interestingly, the couple are said to be co-writing a book about their relationship, which will contain advice for others looking to find a ghostly soulmate.