Woman Loses Over 18 Kilos To Donate A Kidney to A Friend

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3:21 pm 23 May, 2017


It is not everyday that one gets fit to help a friend! Well, that just what happened to Rebekah Ceidro.

33 year-old Rebekkah Ceidro, weighed around 200 pounds (90 Kg) less than a year ago and would munch on a lot of fried products while managing her 3-year-old son and a job at a restaurant.


However, things changed for her one day when she read a Facebook status update. Her long-time friend and co-worker, Chris Moore, had posted about his chronic kidney disease and how urgently he needed a kidney transplant.

Ceidro explained what she felt after reading the post,

I just kept seeing the post and it would tug at my heart. You don’t think about things like that when you are 30 years old. You think about when you are going to get married, not ‘How am I going to save my own life? I didn’t see any call for action. I didn’t see any people saying, ‘What can I do to help?’ And I just thought I had to do something.


When Ceidro approached the medical center, she was informed that although their blood types match, she was not healthy enough to donate her kidney. As a rule, most donation clinics require donors to be below 40 years of age and have a BMI of 32 or lower to minimize complications and recovery time.


Ceidro, who had to reduce 15 pounds to be able to donate, commented,

Admittedly, I was really angry that two individual surgeons would have the audacity to say such a thing, but they were right. “My actual thought was, ‘I’m too fat to save my friend’s life.’ And that sucked, but that’s at least something you can change.


Determined, she wasted no time and enrolled herself for the 5K marathon organised by her employer, Eat ‘n Park. Although difficult at first, Ceidro was persistent and, by winter, she was running three to four miles a day and was weight training. By spring, she had lost 40 pounds and completed the marathon in three hours and 14 minutes.


Doctors are now preparing for the kidney transplant which will take place sometime in the next six months and Ciedro has already begun preparing for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2018.