Young Russian Woman Lifts Her Skirt Up In Public Places To Protest Against ‘Upskirting’

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3:08 pm 1 Nov, 2017


Eve teasing and sexual harassment of women is a big issue in the country. Women get molested and raped in broad day light and there is no one to listen to them in most of the cases, forget about some serious and constructive actions taken about the offenders. And even if actions are taken, it won’t stop until people start thinking of women as not mere objects of pleasure but as human beings who deserve respect, freedom and right to live their life in their own way.


Eve teasing is common problem of the women across the world.  Siliguritimes

Many Indians love to stick to their age old “traditions” when it comes to freedom of women, despite all sorts of advancements made in all the other aspects of life. And it is for this reason that women are blamed of having a “bad” or “too modern” dressing sense for having been harassed or raped. Least do these so-called “culturalists” realize or admit that women who dress “sensibly” including little girls and older women are equal victims of all sorts of heinous molestation by men.



Representational image showing actors portraying men who ogle at women. BadDog

Moreover, nobody has a right to peep into the clothes of anyone. But people consider women wearing short clothes or skirts as objects of display, peep into their dresses and click obscene pictures, most of the times, without victims getting to know about it. On some occasion, this goes on to abusing such women sexually.

And the problem is not just a national one but a global one. Crimes against women, particularly rape and eve teasing are done in almost every part of the world. And its high time that the world wakes up and stands against the evil so that the dignity and freedom of women is protected and held up high. Else, what we will be passing to our future generations will be a society that treats women as mere objects that have no right to live a life of their own.


Russian activist Anna Dovgalyuk YouTube

One activist who has raised her voice against ‘upskirting’ of women is Anna Dovgalyuk, a young Russian woman. Upskirting is people peeking under the skirts of women, and taking their pictures without the victims being aware. The voiceless manner in which she has stood up against abuse of women has placed her and her act under the spotlight globally.


The young woman activist from Russia lifted her skirt in public places to protest against ‘upskirting’ YouTube

Dovgalyuk, a student, staged a solo protest in the different crowded spots in St. Petersburg by pulling her skirt up. The girl calls herself a public activist and has posted a video of her protest on YouTube. She has dedicated the video to all those who love to “upskirt”. This protest by Dovgalyuk comes on behalf on all the women who have become victims of all such men.

With her protest, the young woman also intended to call for the authorities to make “upskirting” a criminal offence.

Here is the YouTube video by the activist:


The pictures of her protest were shared by RT, a global news network on its twitter handle as well. Have a look at the post below:

The post had a huge response from people across the world. Some called her brave while others considered her way of protesting as a wrong one and called it a publicity stunt. Catch a glimpse of some of the responses below:














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