A Woman Lost Her Life During Child Birth. Social Activist Claims It Was Due To Doctor’s Negligence

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Updated on 28 Aug, 2018 at 7:06 pm


Shruthi Suvarna (23) died during childbirth on June 11 allegedly after the doctor operating on her accidentally cut her main blood-nerve and was unable to stop the bleeding.

The incident took place in Udupi’s Gandhi Hospital and was brought to light by human rights activist and author Kundan Srivastava via his Facebook page.


Srivastava, who in the past has brought many such incidents to light, posted about Shruthi on June 13 under his hashtag #OperationMadad.


Infuriated by what happened, the family was shocked that no action was taken against the doctor.


Some people supported Srivastava’s view that the guilty doctor should be punished.


But there were others who said that doctor should not be called negligent till she was proven guilty.




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