A Woman In Telangana Tried Cooking Eggs On The Floor. The Result Will Blow Your Mind!

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3:25 pm 16 Apr, 2016


We all know summers are back! But, is it that hot already that we can cook our food on floor?

A woman from Telangana cooked eggs on the floor outside her home.



In the video, the woman beats the eggs in bowl and then place it on the floor and waits for it to fry in the heat.



Telangana and Odisha are witnessing severe heat waves which have claimed more than 60 lives.

According to officials, in Telangana, 35 people succumbed due to sunstroke, while in Odhisha, 30 people died.



However, this isn’t the first time that people cooked things in the heat. In 2011, girls in Toronto, Canada cooked eggs on the floor.


In 2013, a man in Australia used sunlight to cook his lunch.


This is crazy!



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