Woman Imprisoned In A Dark Room For 20 Years In Candolim Found Drenched In Own Urine

4:41 pm 13 Jul, 2017


A team of women officers successfully rescued a woman locked in a room for past two decades by her own brothers due to her “abnormal behavior”. Her only link with the world outside the room she was confined in was a small window.


Rescuers bring the woman out of the house. News 18

The victim was once married to a Mumbai man who already had a wife. Dejected, she came back to her paternal house in Candolim village. Soon, she started showing signs of “abnormal behavior” due to which she was allegedly locked inside a dark room at the rear of her parents’ house.

The rescued woman is in her fifties. She was found naked in a dark room infused with the stench of her own urine. A non-profit organization working for the women’s rights named ‘Bailancho Saad’ informed the police about the room. The NGO had received an email from someone who was sure of seeing this woman sensed that something is wrong.


Members of the NGO which rescued the captive woman. Bailancho Saad/Facebook

She used to receive food and water from the small window. Her two brothers and their family, who lived in the ancestral house, fulfilled only her bare minimum food needs.


The woman is undergoing treatment. She was held captive for two decades by her brothers. The Quint

A senior police official told PTI:

The woman was locked in a dark room of her parents’ house, currently occupied by her two brothers and their family members. She was being served food and water through a window.


No arrests have been made. The investigation is said to be in the primary stage and the statements of family members are being recorded.