This Video Shows The Horrific Ordeal Of A Woman Being Assaulted By Arabs In Cologne

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6:00 pm 11 Jan, 2016


No German woman would have imagined in her wildest dreams of something so horrific happening to her in her own country. But the myopic Liberal-Secular stand of a bunch of power-hungry politicians and TRP-hungry media, mixed with a completely devastating immigration policy has resulted in a situation where German women can be easily groped, sexually assaulted and robbed by a large group of Arab and North African men without any consequences for the perpetrators.

This video has no sound but it clearly shows the horror on the face of the woman as she is assaulted by the Arabs and North Africans. At 0.30 you catch a glimpse of her crying. At 0.45 you see her terrified face.

God help Germany from destruction.


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