Catfight Between Wives Of Two Army Officers Reaches PMO

6:38 pm 25 Jul, 2017


Ever seen a fight between the wives of two renowned army officers? It is usually said that the families of Army officers are the ones who are well behaved and follow certain rules and regulations in their lives. However, an incident made us realize that people today believe in public display of their skirmishes, rather than solving them among themselves in private.

It is an exceptional incident a war of words turned into an ugly fight, this time between the wives of two officers at a military station in Punjab. The fight has now become a well known issue and has certainly reached to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), as per a report.

It was on the occasion of the event organised by the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) at the military station some days back when the two ladies got into a quarrel. The details of why the fight broke out, are not yet known. The PMO has asked for a report on the incident from the Army headquarters, according to the report.


The quarrel brewed between the wives of two army officers at an event.

The case has caused much embarrassment to the Army. A profession which is known for its discipline, is now facing a fight between wives. Usually such cases are investigated internally, according to the report. The fight broke out when the wife of the Commanding Officer (CO) of the station allegedly abused and uttered cuss words for the spouse of a Lieutenant Colonel. The report says that the CO’s wife also hit the other woman.

It has been said that various other senior officers and their wives were also present at the event. The incident happened amidst a huge gathering.

According to PTI, the Lt Colonel has already sent a complaint to the PMO, the Punjab police and the National Human Rights Commission. The case is now under scrutiny by the Minorities Commission.


Wives of Army personnel do not come under the Army Act, however there could be different ways and tactics of handling such cases. According to the sources, counselling sessions are mostly held to take care of such incidents.