Dad-To-Be Writes Witty Letter To Cadbury Over Girlfriend’s Chocolate And Receives Epic Reply

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5:29 pm 25 Oct, 2015


How many times have we cribbed about quantity of chocolates in Cadbury Heroes packet? I am sure the answer would be ‘many’ times.

A disappointed father-to-be, whose pregnant girlfriend’s cravings were not sufficed by eight chocolates – which comes in the Heroes packet – had no choice but to write a complaint.

Daniel Nugent, who lives in Ireland, wrote a brilliant message (with chocolate puns and humour) to Cadbury on Facebook.



Not so unexpectedly, the post was liked by thousands.

And, then came the reply from Cadbury. After all, they were not going to leave Daniel and his girlfriend in a lurch!

With equal puns and humour, Cadbury wrote:




I guess this sweetness in everything is why so many people like Cadbury so much!