Famous Bollywood Villain Revealed How A Director Asked Him To Tear An Actress’ Clothes Without Her Consent

1:34 pm 30 Oct, 2018


The #MeToo movement in India has taken a strong form, as there have been many allegations since Tanushree Dutta accused actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. Not all of the allegations have found the ground of the truth, but still, the wave is going strong and the latest personality to join is veteran actor Dalip Tahil. Unlike the negative stories about the sexual harassment and rape allegations, the actor partially opened up about something positive he witnessed.

Dalip 20 years back was a famous villain in the Bollywood industry. He revealed that he was once asked to misbehave with his co-actress, as the director told the actor to tear off her clothes without the actress’s consent. He did not reveal any names but he remembers that instead of doing as said, he decided to do what he thought was right.




Talking to a newspaper, he mentioned that he did refuse to the act altogether and then confronted the actress:

“Twenty-five years ago, I was doing a similar scene. It was one of those movies that had a rape scene. The director, whose name I won’t take, actually told me, ‘When you’re doing the scene, tear the girl’s clothes apart, do this and that, but we won’t tell her.’ I flatly refused! I said, ‘This is such an immoral thing to do.’ The girl was new, and she had to make a living. I went in the opposite direction: I called the girl and said, ‘Do you know this is what they’re planning to do?’ The director was aghast and almost ran away. The girl was so upset; she burst into tears and ran into a room.”



The actor added:

“In those days, there were no mobile phones, only the raw stock camera, and the director would be in charge. He’d never do it (film her consent), so we got the girl to come out, told her that there would be nothing that wasn’t planned or out of her comfort zone, and we did it. For many years after that, I didn’t do such scenes, until now.


However, according to another report, Dalip Tahil allegedly once tried to misbehave with veteran actress Jaya Prada during an intimate scene.




Though we can’t believe anything straightway, however, if it happened, it was something important and brave of Dalip to do. He considered the consent and made the actress feel that she was not alone. Had he not denied to do that scene, the actress would have been another victim of #MeToo.