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24 Things That I Will Always Want For My Little Sister, No Matter What

Updated on 10 July, 2016 at 12:08 pm By

Sisters are special. The relationship between two sisters is not comparable to any other. They might fight, abuse or get angry, but come rain or snow they watch out for each other. Elder sisters look after their younger ones like mother hens when the mom is away. And even on a day when they cannot see eye-to-eye, an elder sister will always wish this for their little sister.



1. I want her to be free to make mistakes and learn from them.

And if she falls too hard, I will be there to pick her up.


2. I would love for her to have normal friends, who help her to grow into a fine human being.

Let them laugh together and cry together.


3. May she have the zeal to achieve the craziest of dreams, without a hint of self-doubt and hesitation.


4. She must have the confidence that I did not have – the passion to aim for the stars!



5. I want to be that person in her life whom she comes to when she needs money, needs to share a secret or have an adventure.


6. I want her to have a ‘my song’ which brings a smile to her lips every time, and cheers her soul.


7. I want her to love herself to the deepest core of her soul, before she loves a guy the same way.


8. I want her to have her share of good and bad experiences; and I want these bitter-sweet experiences to change her life for good.


9. I wish she gets the right opportunities that will make her step out of her comfort zone.


10. I want to give her even my share of those moments that will make her feel on top of the world.


11. I really hope she has the awareness that people will like her for the person she is.

No pretense for my little doll!


12. I hope she has the wisdom to think out of the box and see the bigger picture.


13. May she have a quest for learning and knowledge, which will help her become a wise person.

And not just worry about the next test and grades.


14. I really hope she has the patience to stop and admire the small pleasure of life.

No need to rush through the countless milestones.


15. I hope she can unconditionally love those who matter the most to her.

Just the way we love each other.


16. And I really, really hope that she is surrounded by men and women who love her to eternity.



17. I pray for her every day that she has the strength to persevere through the bad times.

I wish I could be there to protect her from all.


18. When she comes out a winner, I want her to appreciate life a wee bit more.


19. I am going to get really upset if I find her not sticking to her guns when she is right.

The world is full of big bad wolves and she needs to be ready.


20. I don’t want to see the day when she compromises on her beliefs or lets others beat her down.


21. And yes, I want her to apply for a driver’s license immediately.

I am tired of chauffeuring her around.


22. I hope she is willing to travel just like me; I have many adventures planned for us.


23. I want her to be at peace, when in a crowd and also when alone.


24. No matter where she lives, I want her to be safe and happy.



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