Famous YouTuber Milo Invents Car That Is Driven From The Outside! Details Inside

12:03 pm 13 Aug, 2018


The world is full of people with creative ideas and dedication to transform their amazing ideas into practicality. The recent innovations like the drone camera and water jetpack, are proof that these new innovations are a product of very creative minds. When you can capture your best moments from above the sky or go as high as 30 feet with the help of a water propeller, what more do you need? Just like that, Master Milo, a famous YouTuber, has created WipKar, another innovation by him.

Master Milo, a YouTuber, is known for making strange inventions with vehicles. Before WipKar, he launched a child bike, a tumbling car, etc. His RollGolf 2.0 car was one of his famous creations:



Then, Master Milo came up with a ‘Smart Wheelie’ car, which is controlled and driven from the rear side! This totally unbelievable innovation will literally make you fall off!



Now, Master Milo has designed WipKar with Dirk (a pro in building innovative cars) and Bart (the daring testing person). This convertible is kind of something which Mr Bean fans will relate to!



Definitely not of any use in practical life, WipKar has no protection and can put the driver (or passengers) life at obvious risk.



Master Milo’s latest car can be driven from outside, instead of inside! It can be said it’s actually driverless!



Looks strange? Obviously, it is! WipKar is designed for the purpose of providing a vehicle with a roof-top (quite an open-air experience!).



This car makes sure you can enjoy sunshine and rains, etc. This experience is something new and different, thanks to Milo’s WipKar 2.0.



Screenshot Youtube


The creators feel putting all the weight from the back to front will make it tilt better, but they will keep this way till next time. However, social media is totally confused about this car. Here are some reactions:


Whose’ neck is first?



Idiotic innovation!


No one asked for this:



Most useless thing:


Winner of the dumbest thing:



Finally, a valid point:



Still dazed? Watch the video of WipKar 2.0: