Look Who’s Here!18 Reasons Why Winter Is One Season To Die For

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Updated on 16 Nov, 2015 at 1:18 pm


When they say, “Delhi winters are to die for”, it’s for a reason!

It’s November and we can almost feel the chill in the air. I see Facebook flooded with status’ of ecstasy and excitement. So, what is it about winters that makes us happy in India while western countries dread them? Let’s go through all the amazing winter things:


1. Because we have unbearable summers


We in India know summers like no one else. When sweltering heat and sweaty monsoons give way to cozy winters, we are bound to be excited. We have seen the worst!


2. Because winter sun is a bliss

Leisure college days and lazy winter afternoons go long back together. Those days when we’d have no afternoon work commitments and we spent almost everyday basking under the soft sun and making future plans remain close to our hearts.


3. Because chaai

Chaai, sutta and chronicles reach another level when it’s chilly winters. The heated debates and romantic dates all happen over a winter chaai!


4. Because street food never tastes better

The zingy, spicy samosas and bread pakodas on a chilly winter evening have a charm of another world. And oh my god, the lip smacking momos in this fog!


5. Because makeup literally stays on 9 to 5

For the first time ever, the ‘long stay’ claims come true. It doesn’t melt away, disappear or smudge. No retouches are required!


6. Because it’s the only season when we go sight-seeing

While we spend more than 3/4th of our year in air-conditioned rooms, winters are a perfect excuse to check out heritage walks and beautiful outdoors.


7. Because long hot showers

Even though we have to literally push ourselves to bathe, once we are there, there is no coming back. This wins the list.


8. Because winter festivals are the best

Most of the festivals fall around winter-time and I think maybe that’s why whenever I think of winters, I imagine celebrations – fairy lights, get-togethers, holidays!


9. Because it’s time for bonfires

Winters are the perfect time to gather with your bunch of friends, do a bonfire and some barbecue.


10. Because I played the fog game

Remember, when were kids how we would pretend smoke with fog acting like we are actually smoking a cigar? And then doodle on glass windows and draw faces. Childhood memories!


11. Because holiday breaks

We had Diwali break, Dusshera break, Christmas break, winter break…of course we love winters!

12. Because nothing beats snuggling in your blanket

Yes, and then not feeling like moving. At all.


13. Because they bring out sexy leather jackets

Oh, how hot it makes us feel! And those boots. Everybody is dressed up in winters.


14. Because we bulk-buy mufflers, gloves and socks

There can never be too many. The red, white, pink, blue and rainbow ones. They just have a thing to make you feel happy.


15. Because winters are SO silent

So silent that your breath can scare you! It’s freaky how you can hear even an ant crawl besides you. But anyway, you get to look so deep within yourself; and it’s a good feeling.


16. Because bike rides are so romantic!

The dating fellas would know how romantic a bike ride feels in winters. The rest, well, they just wear three layers of jackets.


17. Because HUGS

Winters are for warm, huge, bear hugs!


18. Because they only stay for a while

You know how much we value things which we know won’t last for long. Winter is definitely one of them.



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