Indian Air Force Wing Commanders Do Unique Yoga On International Yoga Day, Twitter Reacts Hilariously

4:06 pm 21 Jun, 2018


The Indian Air Force (IAF) is well-known for its breathtaking display of mid-air manoeuvres by military personnel which leaves audiences spell-bound. Wing Commanders are trained to dazzle the viewers with not only somersaults up in the air, but also with deadly stunts which you can never even try on your own, let alone do them!

On June 21, International Yoga Day, two officers of the Indian Air Force gave such a performance up at 15,000 feet, that you’ll only imagine it in your dreams, and no, it wasn’t their heroic acrobatics.



In fact, even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed yoga along with 50,000 volunteers from Dehradun. Talking about yoga, he said: “From Dehradun to Dublin, Shanghai to Chicago, yoga’s everywhere.”



On this occasion, let’s also not forget Bollywood stars like Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor. They both are avid yoga practitioners who use it keep their mind and body fit.



Spreading an unique message of health and prosperity, two Indian Air Force officers did sky yoga. Wing Commander KBS Sanyal performed ‘Vayu Padmaasan’ in the clear blue sky.



While the other Wing Commander, Gajanand Yadav, practised ‘Vayu Namaskar’ with folded hands and stylish googles!



These two are instructors of the Paratroopers Training School of the India Air Force. Their yoga was so unique and eye-catchy, that anyone can get shocked by their confidence and stability!



There’s no doubt that their mid-air yoga practise can even give major stress to acclaimed yoga preacher like actress Shilpa Shetty, who earns a lot from her yoga DVDs.



Talking of their incredible feat, the two officers managed to get a lot of reaction on Twitter. Some lauded them for this unique practice, while some came up with hilarious comments. Have a look:





While one even appreciated the combination of yoga and air:



This user thought it’s all about passing wind!




This one had a encouraging observation:



The real fun started when Baba Ramdev came in the picture:




Obviously, now everyone wants to learn this trick!




These two officers just raised the bar, isn’t it? Meanwhile, let’s not forget how Baba Ramdev shamed Ranveer Singh with his stretches and taught him a thing or two: