Karnataka Finally Agrees To Give Tamil Nadu Water For Six Consecutive Days

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4:36 pm 4 Oct, 2016

After repeated angry warnings from the Supreme Court, Karnataka on October 4 agreed to give Tamil Nadu water for six consecutive days.

The apex court over the past few days had given several warning to the Karnataka government including one that warned them of the impending “wrath of the law,” to give Tamil Nadu the required water or face the consequences.


Karnataka though initially had refused to do so, on October 4 said that it will follow court’s orders and release river Cauvery’s water to neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

In the last week of September, the Supreme Court had instructed Karnataka to share 6,000 cusecs of water for six consecutive days, but Karnataka till October 3 had refused to comply.

But after recent rain, the government on October 4 decided to release water, claiming that recent rain meant that now they could afford to share.

Though many believe the sudden change of heart came due to Supreme Court’s clear warning that it would entertain no further dissent.

The water release case has been going on since early September when the apex court had agreed with Tamil Nadu’s request for a larger portion of water from the River Cauvery and instructed the Karnataka government to release it.


Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The Hindu

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The Hindu

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had reluctantly followed the decree but riots had quickly erupted in various part of the state including few in Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru.

In the riots, the state lost property worth crores and the usually-busy border between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka turned into a volatile zone.


Bengaluru also witnessed two deaths due to violence.

Later when Supreme Court issued another order asking for more water, but Karnataka outright refused and claimed their own four reservoirs were running low.

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