To See A Smile On Her 53-Year-Old Widowed Mother’s Face, Daughter Finds A Suitable Match For Her

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4:49 pm 15 Jan, 2018


Indian society has imposed a number of taboos on its women and widow remarriage is one of them. Even in 21st Century, a widow who goes for a remarriage is looked down upon with shame, hatred and disgust by a large part of the society. And this bitterness tends to increase with the age of the widow.

Representational image of an Indian widow. thecheckernews

But at the same time, the society also has some people who dare to spurn these taboos for the betterment of themselves and their loved ones. Something similar was done by Sanhita who played a matchmaker for her 53-year-old widowed mother.

A school teacher by profession, Geeta lost her husband to a cardiac arrest in May 2016. After her husband left for the heavenly abode, battling with loneliness, Geeta went into depression.

Eventually, Geeta’s younger daughter Sanhita had to move to Gurugram for her job while her elder sister is already married. Back at her home in Jaipur, Geeta’s condition started worsening and this made Sanhita feel guilty for leaving her mother alone. She used to visit her every weekend but even that did not seem to help. Not able to see her mother in such a lonely state, Sanhita decided to find a partner for her.

Sanhita Agarwal with her mother. Quora


Sanhita created a matrimonial profile for her mother on a popular matrimony website and entered her own contact details. She spoke to a number of people until she found Krishna Gopal Gupta, a man of almost the same age as her mother. A government servant by profession, Krishna Gopal Gupta had lost his wife to cancer in 2010 and was battling loneliness and health issues.

Krishna Gopal Gupta. Facebook

She found him to be the potential match for her mother and informed her about the same. Her mother did not approve of the idea because of the social taboos but Sanhita said something really inspiring to her mother and shared the same with the world in a post on Quora. She said:

Every person on this earth has a right to live their life their own way without giving a damn to this society because this society won’t come and talk to you when you’ll be alone at the age of 80. Most of your family members would ignore your calls when you’ll be be sick and need help. Only a life partner would do that for you and you would do that for him because no matter how much the children try to help you, you ultimately need a soulmate to share anything and everything. You totally deserve it, mom. It wasn’t your fault if dad had to go, but it’ll be your fault now to not give another chance to yourself. Please think.

Sanhita with Geeta and Krishna Gopal. Quora

A few days ago, Sanhita got them married to each other. Krishna Gopal Gupta’s family accepted Geeta with open arms and appreciated her courageous decision.

Geeta and Krishna Gopal Gupta at their wedding. Quora

Taking it to social media, Sanhita also wrote a Facebook post thanking all the people who supported her decision and appreciated her for it. Take a look at her Facebook post below:

Don’t you think Sanhita set a great example for our society by taking the courageous step of getting her mother remarried at the age of 53 and tell the society that every human being has a right to live a happy life?