14 Reasons Why You Should Express Your Feelings Without Any Regrets

7:00 pm 2 Jun, 2015

It’s always better to express and then experience the consequences rather than regretting later. You never know how the other person would react or the consequences might not be as harsh as you thought it would be. But the feeling of regret is even worse than suffering the consequences. Here are 14 reasons why you should express your feelings without any regrets.

1. Never bury your feelings.

When we choose to bury our feelings, we act differently. We might not realize it, but people around us surely notice it. Whereas, when you express your feelings in an appropriate manner, problems and relationship issues get solved and life becomes a lot easier and happier.


2. It’s just about being open and honest.

Being able to express your feelings is to convey your true feelings, to be open and honest, not to embarrass or blast another human being. And there is nothing wrong in being honest!


3. Expressing your pain is actually a good way to make it stop.

By letting those tears flow, you are actually letting the things that hurt you go out and make more space for positive thoughts and what’s more, you somehow feel a lot lot better after you cry your heart out.


4. Sometimes it’s just because you overthink your overthinking!

At times you make up situations that you think will happen, in your mind and restrict yourself from expressing yourself. That is the time when you just have to stop overthinking and just express without any regrets.


5. Feelings are natural!

For those who doubt, it’s a human tendency to have feelings and there’s nothing wrong in expressing it in the right way.


6. Feelings are meant to be expressed.

Express and feelings go hand in hand and they both can’t and shouldn’t exist without each other.


7. Your feelings are pure and you must never repent after expressing them.


8. Express before it’s too late. Never lose an opportunity.


9. You will realize why expressing your feelings is best. How good you feel after they are out. It’s natural and you should not repent.


10. Life is too short to repent for anything. Live fully without complains or regrets.


11. Repenting will make you doubt of the feelings you express, which is not good.

You should be proud of yourself that you have that courage of saying out loud what you feel.


12. There are people who behave fake and eventually proceed to an unhappy lifestyle.

If you don’t like something, you say it. Don’t keep it in you. You might repent if you don’t disclose it.


13. Feelings will kill you from inside if you don’t tell anyone.

They need to be out when the correct time comes or it will become too late.


14. It’s your choice to express them, once you have made a choice, you can’t repent it.

Because no one can change it again. So why waste your energy!




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