This Amazing Date-Me PPT By This Girl Will Definitely Make You Say ‘Yes’

4:59 pm 18 Apr, 2017


You don’t know Lizzy Fenton. (Honestly, I didn’t either before I stumbled upon this!) On her Twitter profile, she mentions ‘Genetics, Cell Biology & Development’.


Lizzy appears to be harboring a crush on a certain Carter Blochwitz. (Again, we don’t know who the chap is.)

If it were any other lady, she would have done something that is usually expected when someone has a crush on someone else, such as gifting flowers, cooking something, or simply writing a poem.


But Lizzy is unlike other ladies. So she did something different – she created a PPT and mailed it to her crush.



And that PPT is so BEAUTIFULLY designed that I think Lizzy should be hired by the top MNCs.

This is the PPT. Look at the detailing:



You’d expect that her crush must have fallen for her after such an impressive presentation. You’re wrong. This is how her crush crashed Lizzy’s heart:


Poor Lizzy. But, hey, wait! That fella may have shattered her heart, but the supreme lord of PPTs itself tweeted this message to Lizzy:


And many others praised her, too! Her tweet got 8.3K retweets and as many likes.



Lizzy can now forget about her crush because she now has thousands of reasons to smile.

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